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Temple gates

The outer wall of Lord Jagannath Temple has gates opening for the devotees in the four directions. These four gates are represented by the four animals.

In the east, there is a lion and hence called lion’s gate or Singhadwar. The two lions statues are situated in this gate in the crouching position. The lion is a symbolic representation of “MOKSHYA”. The deities present in Singhadwar are Gajalaxmi, Ganesha, Hanuman, Surya (Sun God), Jaya-Vijaya, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswar and others.

Western gate is the tiger’s gate or Vyaghradwar. Tiger is the symbol of “DHARMA”. The Dharma is an important philosophy in the Hindu Religion that you adhere to.

Northern gate is called elephant’s gate or “Hastidwar”.

Southern gate is the horse’s gate or “Ashvadwar”.

The daily seva puja and other rituals are conducted with supreme religious fervor at KIIT Jagannath temple resembling the rituals held at Lord Jagannath’s temple at Puri. Be it the Lord’s ceremonial dressing- “Vesha” or the traditional Rath Yatra is conducted with same pomp, show and fervor as celebrated at Puri.