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Architecture  of the temple

The temple is an architectural delight standing tall at about  47 feet and 6 inches high, designed in ‘Rekha’ pattern of temple making. The temple was carved by skillful artisans. The spectacular interior of the sanctum is separated by pillars and entrance gates. As we enter through the gate we experience a tranquil, peaceful, soothing atmosphere and vibration of cosmic energy. The deities are adorned with beautiful colored dresses, ornaments in addition to flower & other decorations.

There are shrines dedicated to Goddess Bimala which stands 23 feet and 6 inches high and Goddess Mahalakshmi which stands 24 feet and 6 inches high with both the temples being located at the south-west and north-west corners of the temple complex.

The “Pancha Mahashakti” temple enshrines the deities of Pancha Mahashakti, those are- Maa Bhubaneswari, Maa Saraswati,Maa Sathi, Maa Savitri and Maa Gayatri. This temple stands 24 feet tall and is built between the temples of Maa Bimala and Maa Mahalaxmi.

Sri Kashi Viswanath Temple which is 23 feet high has the lord Kashi Viswanath as the presiding deity is located to the left of Lion’s gate (eastern gate and the main entrance of the temple complex). The ‘Bata Ganesha’ temple is 24 feet and 6 inches high with Lord Ganesha as the enshrined deity and is located under a banyan tree within the precincts of the temple complex. The Satyanarayan temple is dedicated to Lord Narayan, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Sri Hanuman (Mahavir) is Dwarapal (the gatekeeper) of the temple complex. Aruna Stambha made of black granite stone is instituted in front of the gate. The pillar is named so after the name of Aruna, the charioteer of the Sun God “Surya”. All the temples of this complex have been constructed as per the pattern of Sri Jagannath’s temple complex at Puri.