There are many festivals celebrated here with thousands of people. A large number of traditional festivals are observed by the devotees of Lord Jagannath. Out of those numerous festivals, here are the list of few important festivals that are observed here –

Mandira Pratistha Divas (4 Days)

In the month of Jyestha (third month of the year) of 2007 Sri Jagannath Temple was inaugurated. The joyous occasion comes once a year and is celebrated for four days with great joy, mirth, and happiness. Devotees have Mahaprasad with great satisfaction. Yagna is performed in which offerings are made to different deities in a prescribed and systematic manner by worshippers to nourish them and thereby supplicate them, so that they would assist the worshippers in achieving their goals and desires in life. The lighting of lamps and incense is a usual part of the ritual. Sweets, coconut, fruits are left as offerings. Later in the evening the day concludes with spiritual discussions, religious talks, bhajans and kirtans.

Chandan Yatra (1 Month)

Chandan Yatra is means Sandalwood Voyage in Sanskrit. This voyage indicates the worshiping of the deities with water mixed with sandal, which is observed for a month. On Akshaya Tritiya every year the Chandan Yatra festival marks the commencement of the construction of the chariots for the ceremonial sojourn of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra to the Gundicha Temple on the day of car festival.

Ratha Yatra (9 Days)

Ratha Yatra is the most significant of all the festivals of Lord Jagannath. It is observed for 9 days. This spectacular festival includes a procession of three huge chariots bearing the idols of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra. The Jagannath triad are usually worshiped in the sanctum of the temple, but once during the month of Asadha (Rainy Season of Odisha, usually in month of June or July), they are lords are out from where they travel to the Shri Gundicha Temple, in huge chariots, allowing the public for a sacred “Darshan”. This festival is known as Ratha Yatra, meaning the festival of the chariots. Ratha-Yatra is also termed as the Shri Gundicha yatra.

Ram Navami (5 Days)

Rama Navami is the day on which Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, incarnated in human form in the land of Ayodhya. Rama Navami is observed for 5 days at the Kiit temple. The day is marked by Rama Katha recitals, or reading of Rama stories. Charitable events and community meals are also organized. The festival is an occasion for moral reflection for many Hindus. Some mark this day by vrata (fasting)