Gopala Balabha & Sakala Dhupa

“Sakhala Dhupa” is offered to the deities in the morning, hence the name. The puja takes place at 9 AM, at this time the puja is performed by “Pujapandas”. Pujapandas worship three deities Shri Balabhadra, Subhadra, and Lord Jagannath. The morning bhoga or food offered to the deities contains Nadia Kora, Pachila Kadali, Khai, Paida, Dahi rabddi, Khichdi Kanika, Saga, Boondi kheeri, Adaa pachidi and many more.

Madhyaan Dhupa

Madhyaan Dhupa starts exactly at 1p.m. This puja is with Sodasa Upachar in the afternoon. The Bhoga items are more in number than that of Morning Dhupa.

Sandhya Dhupa

After “Sandhya Aarti” again Bhogas are offered to the deities in the same manner like Sakala and Madhyan Dhupa. After the puja the lamp that is lit is made up of karpura aarti and 21 bati aarti.

Badasinghara Bhoga

This is the last bhoga of the day. The final Puja is offered with Pancha Upachar by the Puja Pandas with Sweet Pakhal (Water rice) Kadali bida, Kshiri ,Kanji etc.

Yagnya Mandap

Yagya is a vedic technology to bring peace to the planetary & individual spheres of existence. It promotes well being in every area of life by operating from the level of the planets. Yagnya Mandap is the place where Yagnya, Parayan and all other rituals take place. The Mandap with thatched roof measuring 36′ * 36′ and a height of 26′ is constructed between Ananda Bazaar and the temples of Sri Rama & Sri Krishna.