KTT aims to promote education at all levels for every child because education is a fundamental human right which is essential for the understanding and exercising of all other human rights. Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences has a constant endeavour to empower individuals by making them aware of their rights and thus benefit the tribal population that has been systematically ignored and oppressed.

KTT uplifts the sacred work of Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences as the working agenda of former is in conjunction with the theories and objectives of the latter.

KTT supports KISS’s work towards tribal people to exhilarate them to a standard where they can defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures through Education.

Education is knowing about the facts of life and ways to live it to the fullest not just for oneself but everyone. In every part of life we learn. KTT preaches it through spirituality, philanthropy and religious ways.