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Devotees worshiping Lord Jagannath offer him gifts which is reciprocated by having the sacred Mahaprasad. Mahaprasad is treated here as ‘Anna Bramha’. The temple kitchen has got the capacity to cook for thousands of devotees in a day. Mahaprasad is cooked only in earthen pots. The cooked food is offered to Lord Jagannath first, then to Goddess Bimala and only after that it is considered as Mahaprasad. This Mahaprasad is freely partaken by all the devotees.

Mahaprasad is available in Anand Bazar, the special dining hall of the Lord. There is an enormous sit-out place enmarked for the devotees along with a number of furnished rooms which are in huge demand during any functions that are solemnized at the temple complex.

Starting from early morning there are four particular times, in a day, when the offerings are made. Locally the offerings are called “Dhupa” when offered through Sodasa (16) “Upchars” and “Bhoga” when offered through Pancha Upacharas.


  • Anna (RICE)
  • Kanika (Sweet Rice)
  • Jeera Anna (Jeera Rice)
  • Oriya
  • Kamala Anna (Lemon Rice)
  • Gheea Anna (Ghee Rice)


  • Harada Dali
  • Muga Dali
  • Harada Dalma
  • Muga Dalma


  • Ambula Rai
  • Khajuri Khatta
  • Dahi Baigana
  • Sapuri Khatta
  • Fruits Salad


  • Beshar
  • Saga-Muga
  • Bhaja Chhena Tarakari
  • Paneer Tarakari
  • Paneer Buta
  • Potal-Besana tarakari
  • Potal Rasha
  • Jahni Tarakari
  • Buta Tarakari
  • Chips
  • Kadali Bhaja


  • Khiraa
  • Chhena Paes
  • Khiree